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Default WOOSH ,,,,calculating the cost,,,

I dont think it really matters what another man pays,,dont let the big picture fool you,,keep your self in the HERE AND NOW,,and not worry about the calculated OVERALL REVENUE this site may or may not have,,all that really matters per person is that HELP IS HERE ,,HERE AND NOW,,and at the end of the day $20 A year is well worth the cost have having the maintnence for your receiver when you need it,,i know when my car has problems i have to pay to continue to drive,,i cant call GMAC and tell them about the millions of other customers who are making payments as high as mine and expect it to become free,,hell man this is the least amount of money i pan out,,and yet get the most satisfaction of doing so,,because when im not on the road with my band playing music ,,my fat little ass is up under the TV,,That being said,,,if the cost is so much to deal with because of calculating ALL the members overall finances here at this fine site,,like me you will quickly FIND OTHER SITES THAT do charge more and offer less WITH AN ATTITUDE,,not trying to sound mean im sorry if i come off that way,,but i know what these people go through with all the questions and yada yada,,and dealing with dummies like me who dont know anything about this FTA thing,,these guys are the bomb and will help you in every avenue of FTA that they can,, Can you imagine ,, it being you on the support end of this,,and someone starts with the million dollars a year thing,,its sort of BS,,all they ask for is a small donation for their efforts,,not a calculated productive cost chart with a resolute template to show year end totals,,free your self man live a little it dont cost so much,,,,,
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