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in all honesty, to me, $2.00 a month is nothing. it cost's me $1.65 for a tim hortons coffee. the gas in Canada is about $1.40 a liter (which is about $5.60 a gallon, so i don't understand why the americans are complaining about $4.80 gallon lol ) but what really sucks for me, is it's been a while since i've been on the site and i didn't realize i had to pay to be a VIP. I've donated quite a bit in the past, but i went to go download a new bin file and it wouldn't let me. the problem i have, is now i have to wait until my payment goes through to get the new file. Again, i have no problems in donating and paying for my membership, but now i can't get the codes. my question to you, is there any way to speed up the process so i can get the codes faster, or at least does anyone have any suggestions as to where i can go temporarily to get the codes. i will never abandon this amazing site, the people here are just amazing. always very helpful and they never complain when i ask some seriously bonehead questions i've been to a few sites in the past that really didn't make me feel welcome at all. i've never had a problem with that here. so could someone help please? thanks again everyone for your help and amazing work you do here. keep up the great work!
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