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Originally Posted by woosh View Post
Well, I think I'll put in my two cents worth instead of two dollars for the time being. I don't look at the what I would be paying for a month or even a year. I look at the whole picture, what everyone one would be paying. What I'm trying to say is, if and that is a Big If, if every member here on this site pays two dollars a month, then that's (at the present time) almost 116 thousand dollars a month, almost 1.4 million a year. Now, if all that can be justified, I'm all for it, heck I might would even give a little more. I think this is a great site, I've been helped many times and greatful for it, I've even tried helping some myself, but I'm not that knowledgeable about this stuff and barely get by as it is. I don't know what it takes to run a web site. But, for some reason that seems steep when you look at the overall picture. So, anyone with any knowledge of what it takes, feel free to fill me in. Then maybe I'll have a better understanding.

By the way, keep up the great work that everyone does here!!
If you also read... the post... for thanking the VIPS..... for joining... which.. if and when you decide to join... you will be able too.... it said.. that because of the donations.. we have moved to an even larger server.... and more secure.... and that all costs money... now... are you saying... that... the owner of this site, should put in all of his money and time and effort and just break even? It is also, where the money comes from, that allows, this site to now give away receivers, to VIP members... for donating to the site... which I think is great.... I don't pay attention to the how many vips there are.. or are not... or how much in theory... if everyone kicked in 2 bucks a month, how much that would equal.... I can tell you.... that the staff here.. puts in lots of time and effort to help make this site, what it is.. and we do not get paid one penny for doing so.... do we get benefits.. sure we do... we on occasion get receivers to test and write reviews on... so that we can continue to offer support and advice, when members need it.... the donations.. are not just for a profit.. they are to improve this site.. help the staff be more knowledgeable... about brands and models.. that are sold by our sponsors.... and all of that benefits you and everyone else, who joins here, whether they decide to join and get downloads or not.. U will always be welcome here regardless if you donate or not.... we do appreciate your comments and like to hear, what members have to say.... we also, have more and more members.. joining the VIP, and glad that they are..... we are up, when most sites get overloaded and go down... VIP's have their own server, to go to... when it does get crowded here.... to ensure, that they get to download files... so, that frees up, more bandwidth here for the non vip members.... especially the ones.. that keep getting on and asking, are we down now? When will there be a fix? We have grown from hardly any members to over 55,000 members... and we didn't do that.. by not doing something right... I like to think... it is our great attitude... our never putting a member down.... or making them feel bad, and our great staff and members who do the best, that they can, to help and assist each other.... here on this site... this is a family.... not just a site. we all treat each other with respect.... there are sites.. that would have put you on a warning.. a vacation or even banned you, for expressing an opinion. contrary to what the site practices.... or does... here you will not find that happening.. unless a member really gets out of line. We try to keep the spamming off the site... We try to keep the Adult ads off the site.. We try to help and assist, as soon as possible, since none of us can be on here 24 x 7....... There are lots of things.. that go on in the background, that most members never even notice.. just take for granted.... There are lots of responsibilities, to being an owner of a site, to finding the right staff for the site... and hoping to find sponsors.. that also like the site.... The staff, does not just offer help... we have many duties.. that we must monitor... on this site.... and all we want out of it... is to see, happy members... glad, that they succeeded in getting up and running..... and learning and helping others in time.... you say.. you are still learning... we all were there at one time.... I have been around for years... all the way back to C-band days... and BUD(Big Ugly Dishes) 10' dishes... before they even scrambled the signal.... and I am still here and learning.. just like everyone else... We, are glad that you like the site.. and maybe in time.. you will see, that your donation does help the site..... and that, there are advantages to being a VIP... but.. whether you do, or you don't.. you are always welcome here.... good luck.... txsgent
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