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General FTA news All latest FTA news and ECM news. No questions asked in here.

latest from BLACKLIST

General FTA news

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Default latest from BLACKLIST

just thought this would be interesting...got it from another site ,some who says they were there at the same time blacklist was in chat
[6:09pm]«@ Blacklist» First
[6:10pm]«@ Blacklist» We have new emulation in progress
[6:10pm]«@ Blacklist» for the new mess from ****net
[6:10pm]«@ Blacklist» It will take about more then week or less then 2 weeks[6:10pm]«@ Blacklist» Might be more or less from fallowing statment
[6:11pm]«@ Blacklist» Always have to remember
[6:11pm]«@ Blacklist» FTA will never fail unless If I see that
[6:12pm]«@ Blacklist» and I am sure will tell you all
[6:12pm]«@ Blacklist» but so far we have couple years to go yet
[6:12pm]«@ Blacklist» eighter way within a year it will be known
[6:12pm]«@ Blacklist» If FTA will die or live
[6:13pm]«@ Blacklist» and for Other 2 Manufactor supports are will be
[6:13pm]«@ Blacklist» Same as Pansat quality support
[6:13pm]«@ Blacklist» and will be in my support list
[6:13pm]«@ Blacklist» Brand Names are
[6:13pm]«@ Blacklist» SATOPIA
[6:14pm]«@ Blacklist» and other Brand will be announced little later today
[6:15pm]«@ Blacklist» as of today I am working on 3 different Brands
[6:15pm]«@ Blacklist» Pansat Satopia and Other wich will be known little later
[6:15pm]«@ Blacklist» today
[6:16pm]«@ Blacklist» dont want to announce yet
[6:17pm]«@ Blacklist» Tonight or Tomorrow we will add section for other 2 new brands on __
[6:18pm]«@ Blacklist» If any other question have please post in main Privates will not be answered
[6:18pm]«@ Blacklist» I am not working aloan
[6:18pm]«@ Blacklist» I work with 8 different coders including me
[6:18pm]« mackem23977 » Blacklist on the bev ECM are you any closer to figuring that out
[6:19pm]«@ Blacklist» For BEV ECM
[6:19pm]«@ Blacklist» we have to finish new emulation in order to see the resuilts
[6:20pm]« krupt » how far are you on the latest dish ECM?
[6:20pm]«@ Blacklist» Both ECM will work with new Emulation!
[6:20pm]«@ Blacklist» BEV or DISH will work with new emulation so it will be working within a same time we are done with new emulation!
[6:21pm]« jake » are the previous satopia code group done ?ż?
[6:22pm]«@ Blacklist» well Satopia group will not deal with the units anymore
[6:22pm]«@ Blacklist» I am taking over them1
[6:22pm]«@ Blacklist» !
[6:23pm]«@ Blacklist» How much coding is not an answer to give its about to be smart and do some extra step wich makes as to create brand new emulation!
[6:23pm]«@ Blacklist» Do you think when you get it it will last long
[6:23pm]«@ Blacklist» for this question
[6:23pm]«@ Blacklist» no one has an answer
[6:23pm]«@ Blacklist» but everyone will be satisfied as they have been before
[6:24pm]«@ Blacklist» If Pansat is out
[6:24pm]«@ Blacklist» then Satopia and all other supported receivers will be out, but for timing when it will be out with in this month for sure!!!!! might be in 1 week or 2 but will be out for sure
[6:25pm]«@ Blacklist» New Emulation will work on stuff that I deal with but can not be responsable for other Brands Name!
[6:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Next Questions Please
[6:26pm]« Elijah » will 2700a and up still be supported?
[6:26pm]«@ Blacklist» Yes 2700 will be supported
[6:27pm]«@ Blacklist» Yes 9200 will have the support what ever possible to be done
[6:27pm]«@ Blacklist» so do you think this will be common? this fight and battle which has been intense for the last while?
[6:28pm]«@ Blacklist» We seen this alot from begining lots of people has been panic specially started going from N1 to N2
[6:28pm]«@ Blacklist» I told people no worries
[6:28pm]«@ Blacklist» some of them didnt believed me.
[6:28pm]«@ Blacklist» Sam situation we have as of today
[6:29pm]«@ Blacklist» all I have to say no worries
[6:29pm]«@ co6219» will 9200 have PVR In Jan
[6:29pm]«@ Blacklist» no Models will stop beeing supported
[6:29pm]«@ Blacklist» only changings are
[6:29pm]«@ diehard» will the support sites change for satopia ?
[6:29pm]«@ Blacklist» will take time to fix this new issue ECM
[6:30pm]«@ Blacklist» and I will support 2 new brands
[6:30pm]«@ Blacklist» those are the changings
[6:30pm]«@ Blacklist» but after 2 weeeks everyone will watch TV as they did almost 4 years
[6:31pm]«@ Blacklist» There is no
[6:31pm]«@ Blacklist» it simply will be adden sections
[6:31pm]«@ Blacklist» on both sites
[6:31pm]«@ Blacklist» AL7bar and Future
[6:31pm]« SHAFTER » what about a rom 102 card will we need one to emu
[6:32pm]«@ Blacklist» what about a rom 102 card will we need one to emu
[6:32pm]«@ Blacklist» we will not talk in public
[6:32pm]«@ Blacklist» about ROM or EEP eighter techincal issues
[6:32pm]«@ Blacklist» You are looking for Picture we are looking for sollution
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» are this new changes from DN has anything to do with 118 sat?
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» Call me
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» will this involve new ways to program or same old loaders? same simple method or more to it?
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» tehcnicly nothing will be effected
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» same receiver same way
[6:33pm]«@ Blacklist» only inside will be different software
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» are pansats capable of full 102 emu?
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» Any receivers are
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» Most problem
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» might give is the memory part
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» but we are not close to those issues
[6:34pm]«@ Blacklist» I am NOT working with CNX
[6:35pm]«@ Blacklist» What are your thoughts on whether FTA will live or die?
[6:35pm]«@ Blacklist» It will be known a year before
[6:36pm]«@ Blacklist» will we get a fix for the current **** ecm soon?
[6:36pm]«@ Blacklist» this has been answered
[6:36pm]«@ Blacklist» Yes it will be
[6:36pm]«@ Blacklist» Which receiver would you recommend out of all the boxes your support?
[6:36pm]«@ Blacklist» I will not give out opinions to and users
[6:37pm]«@ Blacklist» wich one to choose
[6:37pm]«@ Blacklist» any one has my name it
[6:37pm]«@ Blacklist» you are safe to get]
[6:37pm]«@ Blacklist» No Temp fix will be unless we get this new emu working proparly
[6:38pm]«@ Blacklist» New changes from DN about 118 has nothing to do with this!
[6:38pm]«@ Blacklist» They are totally different departments
[6:39pm]«@ Blacklist» how can fta die?? ARE YOU DYING???? how is your health
[6:39pm]«@ Blacklist» FTA wont die
[6:39pm]«@ Blacklist» unless 2 different options might bother
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» 1 option I have to keep private
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» secound option can be announced
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» unless
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» DN or BEV speeds up CPU on ROM!
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» but DN has to take the chance to do that
[6:40pm]«@ Blacklist» and I dont think so it will happen
[6:41pm]«@ Blacklist» unless they replace with new Receivers, that will make us understand
[6:42pm]«@ Blacklist» END TO FTA , but as of today they will not do that better way of saying they cant they will have financial problems
[6:42pm]«@ Blacklist» For PVR EPG
[6:43pm]«@ Blacklist» I will makesure no bugs will be on it
[6:43pm]«@ Blacklist» will keep an eye on it!
[6:43pm]«@ Blacklist» When will earth ends,?
[6:43pm]«@ Blacklist» I think you are in wrong Chat romm
[6:43pm]«@ Blacklist» room
[6:43pm]«@ b4ugobye» lol
[6:44pm]«@ Blacklist» The good news is
[6:44pm]«@ Blacklist» my group getting 3 times better then before because I add 2 more Brands in my list
[6:44pm]«@ Blacklist» and dealing with more people then before
[6:46pm]«@ Blacklist» SATOPIA has been launched in a Market starting from Jun July, and they have good quality hardwaring thats what i liked about them and softwaring is much easier to deal with
[6:46pm]«@ Blacklist» Opening source code like DVB willKill the all FTA Market
[6:47pm]«@ Blacklist» no one has to change anything to watch new sollution
[6:47pm]«@ Blacklist» just have to be paitents!
[6:47pm]«@ Blacklist» what is the purpose of life?
[6:47pm]«@ Blacklist» lol
[6:47pm]«@ Blacklist» it depents if you are male or female
[6:47pm]«+ Stone1150 » lol
[6:47pm]«@ [-_-]» lmao
[6:48pm]«@ Blacklist» <markdt> I am not Asian
[6:48pm]«@ Blacklist» I am Armenian
6:49pm]«@ Blacklist» everyone will have sollution! after 2 long weeks!
[6:50pm]«@ Blacklist» last few bins have had persistent "scrambled/bad channel" every hour and pixelation - will this ever go away?
[6:50pm]«@ Blacklist» Yes it will!
[6:50pm]«@ Blacklist» does this mean longer waits for pansat bins since you have three brands to do bins for?
[6:51pm]«@ Blacklist» nothing will get changed
[6:51pm]«@ Blacklist» as far as
[6:51pm]«@ Blacklist» timing
[6:51pm]«@ Blacklist» BL- will nfl ticket and similar like tiers work better in the future?
[6:52pm]«@ Blacklist» Hard to say, they might have different provider, but mean time you all know we always fine the way!
[6:53pm]«@ Blacklist» Is there any progress with globecast, irdeto, or other encryptions?
[6:53pm]«@ Blacklist» lol
[6:53pm]«@ Blacklist» didnt I gave out Keys out
[6:53pm]«@ Blacklist» ?
[6:54pm]«@ Blacklist» Globecast Current Active Key! Key : 00 // 7ABA1060C7169B4E35DF11A5543281C0 //

this was posted 3 days ago.....got the rest on next post too long to post as one
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