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Nice ring 2 it ‘Yes’ Jenny and Alex are planning to marry

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Default Nice ring 2 it ‘Yes’ Jenny and Alex are planning to marry

Nice ring 2 it
‘Yes’ Jenny and Alex are planning to marry

By elizabeth keogh

New York Daily News

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are engaged in a celebrity match-up that will join two Bronx legends — a former Yankee all-star and the singing sensation known as Jenny-from-the-block.
“She said yes,” Rodriguez wrote on Twitter at 8:43 p.m. Saturday. The post that included a picture of a ring with a giant rock.
Lopez put the same photo on Instagram with with eight heart emojis.
J-Lo and A-Rod — sometimes called by the mashup name J-Rod — have been dating for about two years.
A-Rod popped the question while he and J-Lo were on vacation in the Bahamas, People magazine reported.
Both stars posted social media pictures of themselves this week on vacation.
“Enjoying a little R&R with my [heart]” A-Rod posted Thursday on Instagram . On Friday, he posted an Instagram picture of Lopez near a swimming pool at what looked like a beach resort.
The pair also showed up together at the Oscars on Feb. 24.
“From baseball games, to travelling across the world to shows in Vegas. We have done it all together and every moment with you is cherished,” Rodriguez, 43, gushed to Lopez in an Instagram tribute posted Feb. 4.
Lopez wrote the day before on Instagram that the former Yankee shortstop and third baseman makes “my world a more beautiful safe and stable place…in the midst of our ever-changing, ever-moving life.”
It will be Rodriguez’s second marriage. His first marriage, to the former Cynthia Scurtis, ended in divorce in 2008. He and Scurtis have two children.
Lopez, 49, has been married three times — most famously to singer Marc Anthony, with whom she had two children.
Rodriguez revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last April that he and Lopez met while he was lunching with two colleagues.
Lopez took the initiative in the encounter — she tapped Rodriguez shoulder and reminded him flirtatiously that he had her phone number.
So Rodriguez did what anyone in that situation would do — he called her that night.
“I’d describe it as the luckiest day of my life,” he told Ellen DeGeneres.
The couple has put up plenty of gushing social media posts — but whether they’d eventually wed has been a mystery.
Lopez shut down engagement rumors on “Ellen” in November when she told DeGeneres she wasn’t sure if her and Rodriguez would tie the knot.
Lopez, a dancer, singer and actress, is a judge on NBC’s “World of Dance”—a competition show featuring dancers from all over the world.
Rodriguez, who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball — including 12 seasons with the Yankees — retired in 2016 and is as an adviser for the Yankees.
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Default Murder ink: The letters of kitty’s killer Ministry worker’s terrifying prison pen pal

I remember when this woman was killed. She was attacked in the street just outside her residence. Many neighbors heard her cries for help but no one phoned the police.

Murder ink: The letters of kitty’s killer
Ministry worker’s terrifying prison pen pal

Winston Moseley brutally killed Kitty Genovese in 1964 — a murder that ranks among the most notorious in city history. A woman doing religious outreach exchanged a series of letters and cards with the convict before learning of his vicious crime. Now, on the 55th anniversary of the crime, she’s provided parts of those harrowing letters to the Daily News.

By Larry McShane
New York Daily News

The unsolicited letter arrived too late to save Winston Moseley’s soul.
The writer was a pre-med student at Boston University, a good Christian woman, eager to spread the gospel of the Lord.
Melody McCloud was already part of a Massachusetts prison ministry program when she saw Moseley, poised and articulate, doing a New York television interview around Christmas 1975. The naive young woman was moved to write the inmate about God’s love.
Inmate No. 64A0102 in the Attica Correctional Facility responded quickly. The name on the envelope with the 13-cent stamp rang no warning bells for McCloud, but a subsequent letter mentioned perhaps the most notorious killing in New York history.
“I was convicted of a murder that has been highly publicized off and on ever since it happened,” Moseley explained in one of his neatly typed, double-spaced letters. “You were only eight in 1964, but I’m talking about the Kitty Genovese case.”
McCloud, now 63, eventually received 15 Moseley letters comprising 43 pages, along with four cards and five poems, during an increasingly unsettling correspondence that she ended after six months.
The writings offer insights into Moseley’s twisted mind as he discusses the Genovese murder, issues with his wife and his parents, his 1968 prison escape and even his father’s dog.
For decades, McCloud kept the letters to herself. But with Moseley dead for two years and the 55th anniversary of the March 13, 1964 murder approaching, she made selected excerpts of his writings available to the Daily News.
“What’s a nice girl like me doing in a story like this?” asked McCloud, reflecting on her homicidal pen pal. “I did not know Winston Moseley. I never met him. Had never spoke to him. I wasn’t looking for a love match with a prisoner. I stumbled into this.”
In one of three letters shared with Daily News, Moseley writes that he suffered “a psychological disturbance” brought on the “serious problems” of his mother and father, among other issues.
“As for Kitty — no I didn’t know her,” Moseley wrote. “That was just a robbery that went all wrong. She resisted and called me a few different kind of n-----s and I kind of lost my head … I didn’t mean to kill her.
“So for a few minutes I stopped being human.”
The facts of the horrifying crime, as detailed in Moseley’s confession, are far more chilling.
The killer was cruising in his car through Queens around 3:15 a.m. when he randomly targeted Genovese. He followed his prey back to Kew Gardens, chasing down the terrified 28-year-old before twice plunging a hunting knife into her back.
Genovese’s cries for help awoke some neighbors, with one shouting down at her assailant.
Moseley left — but only to cover up his crime. The killer parked his car farther away, and donned a wide-brimmed hat to hide his face. He then returned to stab his pleading, bleeding victim another dozen times, raped her and left Kitty to die on Austin St.
The slaying became a sensation after a New York Times story claimed that 38 neighbors ignored Genovese’s screams, and still remains undeniably hard-wired into the American psyche.
The case inspired a 1996 episode of TV crime show “Law & Order,” and new books on the case still arrive — including three new biographies for the 50th anniversary. The 2016 documentary “The Witness” followed Kitty’s brother Bill as he searched for the truth hidden in the Queens darkness that night.
This Wednesday, a Fordham University forum will discuss the killing’s role in the creation of citizen anti-crime patrols like the Guardian Angels.
“The Genovese tragedy remains unique in many ways — a noncelebrity homicide victim who is better known than her killer,” wrote Fordham Prof. Harold Takooshian. “Kitty is known only for the last 28 minutes of her life, not the first 28 years.”
Even Moseley, in his letters, referenced the killing as if it was his calling card.
“I was convicted of that crime Melody and I’m not going to try to tell you that I didn’t do it,” he wrote. “There were extenuating circumstances, and those I may go into with you at some time later.”
By mid-1975, Melody was uncomfortable with the changing tenor of their letters. She recalled how Moseley asked her to send him a photo, writing that “you can put yourself in the envelope” as a birthday present.
“I never in my life had a birthday party,” he added.
McCloud enclosed the photo with her next letter — followed by a moment of divine intervention. The voice of God, she recalled, actually sounded in her head: “Don’t mail that letter ’til you go to the library.”
She ignored it, sent the letter and then discovered the details of Moseley’s past from articles on an old library microfiche machine: two other murders, his 1968 escape from a Buffalo hospital, his rape of a woman while on the lam.
A shaken McCloud contacted a postal official near Attica and stopped the letter’s delivery. The man told her sternly to to stop writing: “He escaped once. I wouldn’t put it past him him to do it again — and kill you.”
That was her last letter. Moseley, 81, died behind bars on March 28, 2016, his parole rejected 18 times. McCloud, certain the letters hold a deeper meaning, believes the time is now right to let others read them.
“The documents I have,” she said, “can help criminologists and psychologists who study serial killers learn more.”
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