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Setting up your Satopia for the first time

Satopia ST1100_UT Guides & Discussions

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Default Setting up your Satopia for the first time


Setting up your Satopia for the first time
First off you should create a folder on your desktop named Satopia.
Next download file and save to Satopia folder.
You will now need to unzip the file, if you don’t have WinZip you can locate it at WinZip® - The Zip File Utility for Windows - Zip/Unzip, Encrypt/Decrypt (free)
Now that you have the file unzipped you need to copy it to your usb drive. You can either right click on
the file and hit copy, than move to usb drive and paste. Or drag and drop it into your usb drive.
Now that we have the file on the usb drive lets turn on our satopia.
Turn the switch on the back of the Unit to on than use remote to power up.
You should be greeted by the satopia welcome screen.
Next you will be prompted to select your language.
Once you have chosen your language press the red button to save.
Next we need to upload the file. Use the right left arrows and move 2 spots to the right.
You should be at the Channel setup menu. Scroll down to the bottom and highlight file tools.
With file tools highlighted press ok on the remote. This will bring you to the next menu.
Scroll down to USB explore than Click ok.
Once it reads the media on the file it will give you a menu of what is on there.
Using the up down arrows scroll down to the file you wish to use.
Now that you have found the file, press the red button to load it and start flashing the Satopia.
This will bring you to the next screen. DO NOT INTERUPT THE PROCESS.
This will now start updating the satopia
The satopia will now reboot itself and you will see the start screen again.
Then will bring you to the menu screen again.
You have now successfully loaded your new file to your satopia.
Antenna Setup Guide
Now that we have our Satopia FLASHED we are able to move onto setting up the desired Satellites.
For this example we used, echo 7(119), echo 8,10(110), nimiq1,3(91) and galaxy 25 (97)
First press the menu button on the remote and use your right and left arrows to guide you to the
installation tab.(This is the first tab in the menu)
Next at the top of the list is Antenna setting, make sure this is highlighted than press ok on your remote.
This will bring you to the satellite list. Using your arrow buttons on your remote scroll down to the
desired satellite.
Once you have located the satellite you wish, and its highlighted press ok on your remote to set it up.
For this example echostar 7 is on port 2 of a diseq switch.
Depending on how many satellites you wish to add you can either press the red button on the remote
To save or press exit on the remote to continue to add more. For this example we press exit.
Next we will move on to the next satellite we wish to install.
We than repeat the steps we did in the first satellite, except change the port settings.
Again for this example we will just hit exit, or you may hit the red button to save.
We then move on to satellite 3 and follow the above 2 examples.
And once again for the forth satellite.
Now that we have all of our satellites setup it is time to save.
We now can press the red button to save everything we have just setup.
A saving screen will pop up.
After our information is saved, if it does not bring you back to the main menu press exit on the
remote. This will bring you back to the main menu
We than scroll down 2 spots to auto scanning.
After you have Auto Scanning highlighted press ok on your remote. This will bring you to the
auto scanning page.
By default all of the satellites are listed as off. To change them you need to use
Your up and down arrows to move to the satellite you wish, than you can use the right
left arrows to change from Off To all.
For this example we seleted both echostar 7 and echostar 8,10.
With both set to All we now press Ok on the remote to start scanning.
A menu will appear showing you your progress.
Once it is done you will see this menu.
Next press the ok button on the remote to save.
(Note the legend at the bottom of the screen will show you what buttons to press)
We than repeat the process for the rest of the satellites you have in your list.
Remember in the menu to return the echostar7 and echostar8,10(or whichever satellites you
choose) back to off. Than scroll down to the next satellite you wish to add and change the off to All.
Press ok on the remote to scan.
Remember to press Ok on the remote to save.
Now repeat the steps again for satellite 4.
Again remember to press Ok on the remote to save.
You are now ready to watch TV. Press the exit button on the remote until it brings you to
the Main tv screen.
Enjoy your New Satopia
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