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Malcolm Nance destroys Trump Russia Scandal defending ex-CIA agent

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Default Malcolm Nance destroys Trump Russia Scandal defending ex-CIA agent

Malcolm Nance destroys Trump Russia Scandal defending ex-CIA agent

ByEgberto Willies
Saturday Jul 15, 2017 11:35 AM CST

Intelligence expert Michael Nance appeared on AM Joy alongside Former CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz who attempted to make light of the Donald Trump Jr. involvement in the Russia Scandal. Nance completely obliterated his argument.
Malcolm Nance had enough of the ex-CIA agent defending Trump Jr. in the Russia Scandal. He schooled him on what he should have learned from his training in this excerpted video.
"Let me just let me just give you an assist here Fred because you seem to need the help," Malcolm Nance said. " All right look, you're an agency guy, and I'm now talking not just to you but to every intelligence officer and watch officer in the world that's watching this program. We all know that when the opposition from your basic counterintelligence training, and you'd better remember this. When the opposition puts out a dangle in front of you, it is, the target is the tactic. If they're going after Donald Trump Jr., it tells you everything you need to know about what the opposition wants. When they put out fantastical information that is coming from the government of Russia, you should know that this is an intelligence operation because these things do not happen. As we like to say, coincidences take a lot of planning. And everyone in the community knows this. And for you to sit here and try to argue against that means that you're going against everything that you've ever been trained to know. Neither you nor I would ever allow ourselves to be put in that position. And to say that this thirty-nine-year-old man is an amateur, he had the former director of Defense Intelligence Agency on his staff as an adviser. So for the most part, I think making that argument is specious. It doesn't take the seriousness of this situation into account. And it discredits and disgraces our intelligence agencies by trying to make this entire operation which now all of our community, your community, my community, have determined was a spy operation. We should take it seriously and find out what where it all came from."
Nance did what he needed to do in a calm and concise manner with the gravitas of his past intelligence training. Nance completely destroyed Fred Fleitz's credibility
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