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The Trump administration: Where your pride goes to die

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Default The Trump administration: Where your pride goes to die

The Trump administration: Where your pride goes to die

By Aaron Blake
Washington Post
July 28

Getting close to President Trump, it seems, means checking your pride at the door and taking some very public abuse.
Trump's first big-name supporters in 2016 were Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions. He spent the bulk of the rest of the campaign embarrassing Christie before firing him as head of the Trump transition effort. And now he's spent the bulk of the last week haranguing Sessions, his own attorney general, apparently in hopes Sessions will resign.
The two men who agreed to become Trump's top White House advisers have also found themselves in the woodshed. Trump publicly questioned Stephen K. Bannon's importance to his campaign back in April. And Thursday, Reince Priebus was subjected to an apparently Trump-sanctioned series of attacks from new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on live TV. Later, Scaramucci was revealed to have attacked both Priebus and Bannon in very vulgar terms, including saying, "Iím not Stephen K. Bannon, Iím not trying to suck my own cock."
Play Video 1:49

Scaramucci insults Priebus, Bannon in New Yorker interview

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci insulted White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and President Trumpís chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon in an interview published by the New Yorker on July 27. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde/Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Then there were all the times Trump contradicted his own aides, the time his White House dismissed past staffers as "hangers-on," and the time he seemed to revel in Sean Spicer's misery because Spicer got "great ratings."

I don't doubt there is some strategy here. Plenty of White House reporters have noted competition between aides is what Trump likes, and rebukes from the chief executive are how Trump keeps his aides humble and assures loyalty.
To her credit, incoming White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pretty blunt about it on Thursday afternoon, saying Trump "likes that type competition and encourages it." So he encourages aides accusing other aides of crimes on national TV. Got it.

"With that competition, you usually get the best results," Sanders reasoned. Hours later, Scaramucci's vulgar comments about Priebus and Bannon were reported by the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza. Sanders's response on Fox News? "I think sometimes we have a lot of passion -- not just passion for the president and the agenda, but sometimes when you have the best people from around the country coming in with a variety of backgrounds, very different perspectives, you may not agree on everything."
You can see why this might appeal to Trump, coming from the business world. But now that he's president, all of this is taking place with the entire world watching. In each and every one of these situations, his aides and supporters are seeing their own personal brands and integrity attacked and undermined in very public ways. Sessions's whole political legacy is at risk of coming to an unceremonious end. Scaramucci just accused Priebus of a "felony," in so many words. And it's difficult to argue Spicer's six months as White House press secretary haven't done irreparable damage to his reputation for honesty.
The appeal of working in the administration is clear: You are helping to run the show for the leader of the free world, you get a big profile, and waiting on the other side of those doors is usually a big payday. The question Trump's aides have to be asking themselves is: At what cost? And you can bet future potential chiefs of staff and attorneys general and press secretaries who could be next in line for public abuse are asking themselves that same question.
It's been said many times before that loyalty is a one-way street with Trump, and it's 100 percent true. But this is more than that. Those who have served Trump at the highest levels have almost universally come in for ritual humiliation and embarrassment, often in pretty personal terms.
If it was just about getting fired, that would be one thing. Trump almost seems to revel in degrading his aides; it's all a reality TV show to him. We'll see how long the contestants want to play the game.
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I can only say.. this about those who voted for him..
They turned off anything that showed.. the Real Trump.. who has no morals or values at all..
and still voted for him..
They voted into office.. an Ego Maniac.. who is totally not prepared to be President at all..
Trump is showing in his experience in Real Estate and selling himself.. that none of his Real Estate Experience is anything like being in Government.. but he is really good at selling himself to anyone who would overlook how rude and crude and vulgar he really is..
Just yesterday. He told Cops.. to be more aggressive on suspects.. and the Police Dept.. had to after that speech post.. that they have guidelines that all police officers must follow.. to protect a citizens rights while being arrested.. . Because Trump does not ever engage his brain, when he says these very dangerous comments that involve.. violence as he implied.. in that speech to police officers.. and the world.. since it was televised.. Sure it sounds good to his base.. they are the ones who ignore the hate and violence that Trump encourages.. and still embrace Trump and never say.. I never should have voted for him. instead they say they still are behind him..
Totally blind to the real Trump. . and that is scary.. that there is a base that still believes that.. at all... jmo..jmv.. and only mo...
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His base doesn't ignore the hate and violence. Too many of them endorse it and think unless you are a white Judeo-Christian you are some sort of subhuman ...... and there's far too many of them exclude the Judeo part of the equation too.
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drumpf, trump

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