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USB HDD size and format

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Default USB HDD size and format

Hey everybody!

I want to hookup USB HDD to record shows and was wondering what size limit is for this little guy and what format to use.

Thank you

long time NFusionHD
testing iSmartX10
tested and love it!
I can help with set up.
peace out
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I searched and did not find the answer..
Just a guess.. 1 Terabyte might work..maybe even larger.. do you have any laying around to check that out?

Is there not an option in the menu choices. of the receiver. to Format HDD??

Menu Choices.. are the same as a Jynxbox HD receiver
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Those are good questions & like txs I do not know the answers.
You will have to do some experimenting. Used to be any usb stick or hdd needed to be formatted FAT but for some reason I'm thinking some have moved to NTFS. If it were me I'd format a usb stick no bigger then 4gb to FAT & try it then reformat it to NTSC & see how it works. Choose the one that works best.
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