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Default cnx duo

I know not much will work but thought this might using xx-client 1.14here is what it says any ideas
XX-CLIENT v1.14 [rq-sssp-client wrapper]
rq-sssp-client version 1.04, sssp client by raton_craquero.
rq-sssp-client is free software! -- visit the rq-sssp-client homepage at:

Usage: rq-sssp-client [OPTION] ...

These are the currently supported options for rq-sssp-client:
-help Show this information.

-config <path> Set a custom configuration file path.

-debug-level <n> Specifies the level of detail (n) when displaying debug
messages to the console (default is 1):
0 - Silent
1 - Basic information messages.
2 - Detailed debug information.
3 - Show all available debug info.

Read configuration settings from 'xx-client.conf'

****************** Starting log on Mon Mar 10 17:33:55 2014 ******************

Configuration settings:
Debug level: 3

Calibrating Delay: Done [425]
Initializing Serial Communication: Done

Connecting to card server (URL's truncated to 48 characters for display):
Trying: newcamd://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl ... Connected

Client READY! -- Waiting for requests...
thanks for any input I only get channels 101and102

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