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I can only say.. this about those who voted for him..
They turned off anything that showed.. the Real Trump.. who has no morals or values at all..
and still voted for him..
They voted into office.. an Ego Maniac.. who is totally not prepared to be President at all..
Trump is showing in his experience in Real Estate and selling himself.. that none of his Real Estate Experience is anything like being in Government.. but he is really good at selling himself to anyone who would overlook how rude and crude and vulgar he really is..
Just yesterday. He told Cops.. to be more aggressive on suspects.. and the Police Dept.. had to after that speech post.. that they have guidelines that all police officers must follow.. to protect a citizens rights while being arrested.. . Because Trump does not ever engage his brain, when he says these very dangerous comments that involve.. violence as he implied.. in that speech to police officers.. and the world.. since it was televised.. Sure it sounds good to his base.. they are the ones who ignore the hate and violence that Trump encourages.. and still embrace Trump and never say.. I never should have voted for him. instead they say they still are behind him..
Totally blind to the real Trump. . and that is scary.. that there is a base that still believes that.. at all... jmo..jmv.. and only mo...
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